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History of AL-ADWANI General Hospital

Al Adwani General Hospital is among this hospital that operates 24 hours, to treat patients who are suffering from mild to severe illness or injured cases. It offers and rendered several services that are managed by knowledgeable, well experienced nurses and other professional staff.

Al Adwani General Hospital was opened for the public last 1988, managed by the late Sheikh Abdullah and with the present leader of Dr. Hassan Al Adwani as the current Hospital Director General, Dr. Abdul Aziz as the Deputy Hospital Director, Mr. Naif Al Adwani as the Hospital Administrator and Mr. Mohammad Al Adwani as the Liaison Executive Officer. It started as a two story building located at Near Shubra Palace Street which served as an Outpatient Department. As the years passed it has grown and had developed productively, effectively and profitably into more successful private hospital in Taif and because of that it opened another annexed building with an In-patient Department that functioned as a Lying-in-Service for patients who needed to be admitted. From then on Al Adwani General Hospital has been servicing and rendering profoundly with more other services.

Al Adwani General Hospital at the present time is now located at Al Faisaliah Street operating using the most recent technology of hospital equipments and facilities. In collaboration with other private and government hospital Al Adwani General Hospital has been one of the most sought hospital in Taif and with its knowledgeable well skilled professional staff known for its tender loving care services , more patients had been seeking its services.

The Al Adwani General Hospital (AAGH) CBAHI MANUAL is established to provide basic guidelines and procedures in achieving health care service that meets the Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) requirements. It contains the Targets, Objectives and Programs based on the requirements of the CBAHI Manual. This Manual also describes how the Hospital system operates in the Al Adwani General Hospital.

The Top Management, through the Total Quality Management (TQM) Office, is responsible for the maintenance of all quality standards. All Leaders, Section and Unit Supervisors/Managers/ Heads and personnel must adhere to these policies and procedures to ensure that the hospital´┐Żs Vision, Mission and Values are achieved and realized.